It’s been a while long ago since i back from Cambodia trip . The Ang Kor Wat is seriously so great architecture that how their culture and belief come from .I can’t imagine how many manpower was used when building this and what i very confirm is this great building should keep it as good as possible . Seeing a lot part of it was collapse and repairing as nothing can defend from age passing through so such a long time . 

Trip when coming back with all these photos , it will always be my precious moment when i standing inside of it . Sometime photo don’t really tell how it feel . Go. Feel yourself .!!


A song , whatever the language is , did touch my feeling so well in random time . Every song has its own feel and the connection between the listener .
In the night as tonight , song with such great rhythm making own relax from busy working .

Tired working but great life i enjoy it so much , i love my life .

music in life

An artist my friend did share to me in the early moody morning
the songs just wake me up and cheer me up .
A morning with a nice music is always the best beginning of every each day .
Working life sometime is just so boring , we need to find something different and not just working as a machine in the office . Finding ourselves own lifestyle and make everyday fun and special .
Many people saying working life is boring , but what if we enjoy in what we doing right now and make the life better ?

wish u all a very good day =)

KT8008 Filem Camera



Too many digital device and make me going back to tradisional photography , 

photography is not only just snap and shot the image , photography means story and feeling 

saw and read some forum people calling “photographer” who just holding a DSLR

but are the photo really told story and express any message to reader 

In the beginning what “photography” i looking for is start confuse the meaning of it ,

is just that easy or what i am thinking is too complicated ?


First own try out with KT8008 disposable filem camera , result come out is good and satisfied ,